van Simaeys, Stefaan; Brinkhuis, Henk; Pross, Joerg; Williams, Graham L.; Zachos, James C. (2005): Arctic dinoflagellate migrations mark the strongest Oligocene glaciations. Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States, Geology (Boulder), 33 (9), 709-712, georefid:2005-060969

Here we report on mid-Oligocene globally synchronous Arctic dinoflagellate migration events, calibrated against chron C9n. We show that sudden appearances and marked abundance increases of the Arctic taxon Svalbardella at lower and middle latitudes coincide with the Oi-2b benthic delta (super 18) O glacial episode, dated as ca. 27.1 Ma. These unprecedented migrations are taken to indicate anomalously strong surface-water cooling during Oi-2b time, in turn associated with strong concomitant Antarctic ice-sheet growth and sea-level lowering. We estimate the duration of these unique Svalbardella migrations and the associated episode of profound cooling as approximately 500 k.y. Our records suggest a close link between this distinct Oligocene glaciation episode, strong sea-level fall, and the classic lower-upper Oligocene, or Rupelian-Chattian, boundary, dating this boundary as ca. 27.1 Ma.
West: 144.2400 East: 144.2500 North: -42.3600 South: -42.3700
Expedition: 189
Site: 189-1168
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