Van Sickel, William A.; Kominz, Michelle A.; Miller, Kenneth G.; Browning, James V. (2004): Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic sea-level estimates; backstripping analysis of borehole data, onshore New Jersey. Blackwell Science, Oxford, United Kingdom, Basin Research, 16 (4), 451-465, georefid:2005-046429

Backstripping analysis of the Bass River and Ancora boreholes from the New Jersey coastal plain (Ocean Drilling Project Leg 174AX) provides new Late Cretaceous sea-level estimates and corroborates previously published Cenozoic sea-level estimates. Compaction histories of all coastal plain boreholes were updated using porosity-depth relationships estimated from New Jersey coastal plain electric logs. The new porosity estimates are considerably lower than those previously calculated at the offshore Cost B-2 well. Amplitudes and durations of sea-level variations are comparable in sequences that are represented at multiple boreholes, suggesting that the resultant curves are an approximation of regional sea level. Both the amplitudes and durations of third-order (0.5-5 Myr) cycles tend to decrease from the Late Cretaceous to the late Miocene. Third-order sea-level amplitudes in excess of 60 m are not observed. Long-term (10 (super 8) -10 (super 7) years) sea level was approximately constant at 30-80 m in the Late Cretaceous, rose to a maximum early Eocene value of approximately 100-140 m, and then fell through the Eocene and Oligocene.
West: -76.0000 East: -72.0000 North: 41.0000 South: 38.5000
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