Mortimer, N.; Palin, J. M.; Dunlap, W. J.; Hauff, F. (2011): Extent of the Ross Orogen in Antarctica; new data from DSDP 270 and Iselin Bank. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Antarctic Science, 23 (3), 297-306, georefid:2012-066970

The Ross Sea is bordered by the Late Precambrian-Cambrian Ross-Delamerian Orogen of East Antarctica and the more Pacific-ward Ordovician-Silurian Lachlan-Tuhua-Robertson Bay-Swanson Orogen. A calcsilicate gneiss from Deep Sea Drilling Project 270 drill hole in the central Ross Sea, Antarctica, gives a U-Pb titanite age of 437 + or - 6 Ma (2sigma ). This age of high-grade metamorphism is too young for typical Ross Orogen. Based on this age, and on lithology, we propose a provisional correlation with the Early Palaeozoic Lachlan-Tuhua-Robertson Bay-Swanson Orogen, and possibly the Bowers Terrane of northern Victoria Land. A metamorphosed porphyritic rhyolite dredged from the Iselin Bank, northern Ross Sea, gives a U-Pb zircon age of 545 + or - 32 Ma (2sigma ). The U-Pb age, petrochemistry, Ar-Ar K-feldspar dating, and Sr and Nd isotopic ratios indicate a correlation with Late Proterozoic-Cambrian igneous protoliths of the Ross Orogen. If the Iselin Bank rhyolite is not ice-rafted debris, then it represents a further intriguing occurrence of Ross basement found outside the main Ross-Delamerian Orogen.
West: -178.3011 East: -178.3011 North: -77.2629 South: -77.2629
Expedition: 28
Site: 28-270
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