Georgescu, Marius Dan (2011): A new type of test wall in the Late Cretaceous (late Santonian-Campanian) heterohelicid planktic Foraminifera. Elsevier, Paris, France, Revue de Micropaleontologie, 54 (2), 105-114, georefid:2012-020046

The first Cretaceous serial planktic foraminifer (family Heterohelicidae Cushman, 1927) with simple-ridged test wall is reported from the uppermost Santonian-lower Campanian sediments of the Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 463 (Mid-Pacific Mountains, equatorial Central Pacific). Hendersonites pacificus n. sp. is characterized by the reduced ornamentation over the last pairs of chambers and strong peripheral costae lining the periphery with test wall flexure. This species evolved from H. carinata (Cushman, 1938) of the upper Santonian-Campanian, a frequently reported species from the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Western Tethyan Realm. Abstract Copyright (2011) Elsevier, B.V.
West: -75.3500 East: 174.4004 North: 40.1500 South: -51.0017
Expedition: 10
Site: 10-95
Expedition: 113
Site: 113-690
Expedition: 15
Site: 15-150
Expedition: 171B
Site: 171B-1050
Expedition: 39
Site: 39-356
Site: 39-357
Expedition: 62
Site: 62-463
Expedition: 71
Site: 71-511
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