Kamikuri, Shin-ichi (2010): New late Neogene radiolarian species from the middle to high latitudes of the North Pacific. Elsevier, Paris, France, Revue de Micropaleontologie, 53 (2), 85-106, georefid:2012-052863

Eighteen new late Neogene radiolarian species and a new subspecies from the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Site 192, Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 884, 887 and 1151, located in the middle to high latitudes of the North Pacific, are illustrated and described, and redescription and comments of other 3 species are made. Stratigraphic ranges of all these species are also provided. The new species and subspecies are as follows: Acrosphaera muse, Amphisphaera nigriniae, Calocyclas motoyamai, Collosphaera mars, C. reynoldsi, Cycladophora funakawai, C. teocalli, Dendrospyris eurus, D. futaba, D. uruyaensis, Hexacontium minerva, H. dionysus, H. parviakitaensis, Joergensenium apollo, Lamprocyclas maritalis teraphimis, Lithelius klingi, Lychnocanoma kamtschatica, Spongodiscus cauleti and Stylochlamydium bensoni. The first occurrence of H. akitaensis and the last occurrences of H. parviakitaensis, E. japonicus and H. akitaensis are of potential biostratigraphic value in the middle to high latitudes of the North Pacific, because their events are synchronous.
West: -148.2647 East: 168.2013 North: 54.2155 South: 38.4500
Expedition: 145
Site: 145-884
Site: 145-887
Expedition: 186
Site: 186-1151
Expedition: 19
Site: 19-192
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