d'Errico, Francesco; Sanchez Goni, Maria Fernanda (2004): A garden of Eden for the Gibraltar Neandertals?; reply. Pergamon, Oxford, United Kingdom, Quaternary Science Reviews, 23 (9-10), 1210-1216, georefid:2005-048983

West: -4.1845 East: -4.1845 North: 36.1219 South: 36.1219
Expedition: 161
Site: 161-976
Supplemental Information:
For reference to discussion see Finlayson, C., et. al., Quat. Sci. Rev., Vol. 23, No. 9-10, p. 1205-1209, 2004; for reference to original see d'Errico, F. and Sanchez Goni, M. F., Quat. Sci. Rev., Vol. 22, p. 769-788, 2003
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