Ondrak, Robert; Gaedicke, Christoph; Horsfield, Brian (2009): Combining 2D basin and structural modelling to constrain heat transport along the Muroto transect, Nankai Trough, Japan. Elsevier, Oxford, United Kingdom, In: Verweij, Hanneke (editor), Kacewicz, Marek (editor), Wendebourg, Johannes (editor), Yardley, Gareth (editor), Cloetingh, Sierd (editor), Duppenbecker, S. (editor), Basin modeling perspectives, 26 (4), 580-589, georefid:2011-026942

West: 134.5700 East: 134.5800 North: 32.2100 South: 32.2000
Expedition: 131
Site: 131-808
Expedition: 190
Site: 190-1173
Site: 190-1174
Expedition: 196
Site: 196-1173
Site: 196-808
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