Chiyonobu, Shun; Mori, Yuko; Oda, Motoyoshi (2012): Reconstruction of paleoceanographic conditions in the northwestern Pacific Ocean over the last 500 kyr based on calcareous nannofossil and planktic foraminiferal assemblages. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Marine Micropaleontology, 96-97, 29-37, georefid:2013-033436

Calcareous nannofossil and planktic foraminiferal assemblages from ODP Hole 1210A in the northwestern Pacific Ocean were used to reconstruct surface-water conditions for the past 500 kyr. Stratigraphic control was provided by calcareous nannofossil events that are thought to be synchronous over a broad range of latitudes. Calcareous nannofossil and planktic foraminiferal assemblages and abundance patterns indicate the unlikelihood of long term (Milankovitch-scale) latitudinal shifts of the Kuroshio Extension over the last 500 kyr and illustrate two successive surface water-mass states, one that prevailed prior to 300 ka and one that existed after 300 ka. The relative abundance of very small placoliths and the absolute abundance of the upper photic zone (UPZ) coccolith species decrease abruptly at approximately 300 ka. The relative abundance of the lower photic zone (LPZ) species Florisphaera profunda greatly increases at the same time, although intervals during which the relative abundance of this taxon is very low or absent also occur prior to 300 ka. The absolute abundance of planktic foraminifera gradually increased after the 300-ka boundary, including peaks of Globoconella inflata. These assemblage and abundance changes suggest significant modifications to the surface water-mass structure. Surface water was weakly stratified prior to 300 ka, but alternated between intensely stratified and vertically mixed after 300 ka. Changes in the surface water-mass structure suggest an intensification of the East Asian summer and winter monsoon after 300 ka. Abstract Copyright (2012) Elsevier, B.V.
West: 158.1600 East: 158.1600 North: 32.1300 South: 32.1300
Expedition: 198
Site: 198-1210
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