Hoogakker, B. A. A.; Rohling, E. J.; Palmer, M. R.; Tyrrell, T.; Rothwell, R. G. (2006): Underlying causes for long-term global ocean delta (super 13) C fluctuations over the last 1.20 Myr. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248 (1-2), 15-29, georefid:2008-016301

West: -110.3111 East: 113.1707 North: 57.3100 South: .1058
Expedition: 108
Site: 108-659
Expedition: 121
Site: 121-758
Expedition: 138
Site: 138-847
Site: 138-849
Expedition: 162
Site: 162-982
Expedition: 184
Site: 184-1143
Expedition: 68
Site: 68-502
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