Trehu, Anne M.; Long, P. E.; Torres, M. E.; Bohrmann, G.; Rack, F. R.; Collett, T. S.; Goldberg, D. S.; Milkov, A. V.; Riedel, M.; Schultheiss, P.; Bangs, N. L.; Barr, S. R.; Borowski, W. S.; Claypool, G. E.; Delwiche, M. E.; Dickens, G. R.; Gracia, E.; Guerin, G.; Holland, M.; Johnson, J. E.; Lee, Y. J.; Liu, C. S.; Su, X.; Teichert, B.; Tomaru, H.; Vanneste, M.; Watanabe, M.; Weinberger, J. L. (2004): Three-dimensional distribution of gas hydrate beneath southern Hydrate Ridge; constraints from ODP Leg 204. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 222 (3-4), 845-862, georefid:2006-023697

West: -125.0900 East: -125.0400 North: 44.3500 South: 44.3400
Expedition: 204
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