Boettcher, Michael E.; Khim, Boo-Keun; Suzuki, Atsushi; Gehre, Matthias; Wortmann, Ulrich G.; Brumsack, Hans J. (2004): Microbial sulfate reduction in deep sediments of the Southwest Pacific (ODP Leg 181, Sites 1119-1125); evidence from stable sulfur isotope fractionation and pore water modeling. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, In: McCave, I. N. (editor), Carter, L. (editor), Carter, R. M. (editor), Hayward, B. W. (editor), Cenozoic oceanographic evolution of the SW Pacific gateway; papers resulting from work on the cores drilled on Ocean Drilling Program Leg 181 to the Southwest Pacific east of New Zealand in August-October 1998, 205 (1-4), 249-260, georefid:2004-057591

West: -178.0959 East: 176.5952 North: -41.4710 South: -50.5353
Expedition: 181
Site: 181-1119
Site: 181-1120
Site: 181-1121
Site: 181-1122
Site: 181-1123
Site: 181-1124
Site: 181-1125
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