Bodin, Stephane; Godet, Alexis; Matera, Virginie; Steinmann, Philipp; Vermeulen, Jean; Gardin, Silvia; Adatte, Thierry; Coccioni, Rodolfo; Foellmi, Karl B. (2007): Enrichment of redox-sensitive trace metals (U, V, Mo, As) associated with the late Hauterivian Faraoni oceanic anoxic event. Springer International, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, Geologische Rundschau = International Journal of Earth Sciences (1999), 96 (2), 327-341, georefid:2007-047496

West: 6.2200 East: 12.3800 North: 46.3200 South: 43.3300
Expedition: 185
Site: 185-1149
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